NXZT case replacement part

Second time contacting them about a replacement part and to never hear from them again.

First time they said would ship out the item asap second time just ignored me.

I even offered to pay for the part and they just ignore me. Bad business model if you ask me.

Here is transcript of the last conversation I had with them.

There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
Your Question: Broke the hinges of the sliding fan exhaust on the of the case.

nzxt switch 810
Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Lauren Kim :) (Customer Support) - Technical Support
13:04Lauren Kim :): hi konstatin
13:04Lauren Kim :): how are you today
13:04 konstantin: pretty good and you?
13:05Lauren Kim :): great
13:05Lauren Kim :): how may i help you
13:05Konstantin Shapovalenko: Broke the hinges of the sliding fan exhaust on the of the case.

nzxt switch 810\
13:06: i called before for replacement and someone told me they would send it out but I never received it.
13:07Lauren Kim :): where are you located?
13:07: New York City
13:11Lauren Kim :): hi konstantin
13:11Lauren Kim :): when did you call in for a replacement?
13:11Konstantin Shapovalenko: months ago
13:11Konstantin Shapovalenko: I even offered to pay for it
13:12Konstantin Shapovalenko: but he said its okay and would have it out for me within 24 hours
13:12Lauren Kim :): hm it might of been our new guy
13:12Lauren Kim :): because replacements do not ship out in 24 hours
13:12Lauren Kim :): usually takes 1-7 business days
13:13Lauren Kim :): can I get a copy of your invoice?
13:13Lauren Kim :): proof of purchase?
13:13Konstantin Shapovalenko: i see.
13:13Lauren Kim :): to send this out
13:13Konstantin Shapovalenko: one second
13:15Konstantin Shapovalenko: umm I cannot find it anywhere
13:15Konstantin Shapovalenko: what else can I do to prove purchase?
13:15Lauren Kim :): the receipt is what we need
13:15Lauren Kim :): due to the fact that it says the date you had purchase dit
13:18Konstantin Shapovalenko: I can tell you when I purchased it
13:18Konstantin Shapovalenko: nov 29th 12
13:18Konstantin Shapovalenko: 2012
13:21Lauren Kim :): we need proof that you purchased it then
13:21Lauren Kim :): =/
13:21Lauren Kim :): what is your current shipping addres
13:21Konstantin Shapovalenko:
13:21Konstantin Shapovalenko:
13:21Lauren Kim :): we may have to charge you for this
13:21Konstantin Shapovalenko: thats fine
13:22Konstantin Shapovalenko: you guys are very difficult but I understand the frustration
13:23Konstantin Shapovalenko: let me look again and see if I could find some kind of paper work
13:30Konstantin Shapovalenko: dammit I cannot find it anywhere its been a while sorry
13:35Konstantin Shapovalenko: Are you there?
13:38Konstantin Shapovalenko: hello?
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    So can you not find a hinge at like a hardware store, I'm not sure but you could possibly find something cheap that would work there
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