Need help, I should be able to run Tera right?

Hey there everyone, i'm in need of some help. I've just recently tried to start playing. It take's a really long time for the game to actually load and when I'm in game it lags/crashes. 100% cpu although It really shouldn't be.

Here's my specs.
Windows 7 ultimate, 64bit operating system.
Amd Radeon Hd 6700 series.
Apu a4-3400x2 With radeon, 2.7ghz
4gb ram.

Now, I was looking at the A8-3800 Quad core. 2.6ghz Amd card, with 4mb cache, Which fits in my fm1 65wat slot. Is that what I would need to upgrade to be able to play? Also is there any way I'd be able to play at the moment since I should on low.

Could anyone give me advice on a Fm1, 65w cpu that I would need to be able to run it without it constantly being 90-100% cpu.
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  1. Can you state your model of the 6700 series? 6740 to 6790 is a huge difference.
    As a general rule of thumb, MMOs usually require CPU more than GPU performance, though Tera is weird in the way of being super needy in order to run graphics that don't look like ass.
    While I'm not sure a CPU upgrade is required to alleviate your problem it would sure be a good idea to upgrade to quad cores if you play games regularly.
  2. It's the 6700 series, That's all it says about it in device manager.
    I'm even running it on low yet the cpu's 90-100% so it's quite hard to play/load areas. Well, atm I'd like to play tera and neverwinter even if they're on low. They both don't run as smooth as they should. What would eliviate my problem? someone just asked what is was on idle the cpu, it's jumping from 2%-15%
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    THe device manager isn't the best option to look. Did you try Speccy? It's a free program which will tell you your specs.

    In terms of GPU, in most games tuning down the graphics settings is exactly that: Reducing graphics load. This does mostly not affect the CPUs load in any way since it still needs to calculate AI, Players, Loading, etc.

    So yeah, if your CPU's running on full throttle it's obviously too much for it to handle. Time to upgrade to quad core, my friend!
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