how much GB of SSD do I need ?

Hi all
Actually I am not prof to decide !
I need help please,
SSd is expensive and I am afraid if I will purchase 120GB will finish up soon.

how to manage this
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    Buy another mechanical drive to store files and random things you dont use everyday, and install only games/software for daily use on your ssd, 128gb is a low amount, I'd say get at least a 240gb SSD.
  2. 120GB is enough for ur OS and a few key apps which is all u shoud store on an SSD
  3. 2 things:

    1) English obviously isn't your first language and you are clearly having a hard time getting your issue out. It might be a lot better if you go to a forum in your native (or a fluent) language and ask the question there.

    2) How much data do you need to store?

    60GB is the bare minimum as a boot drive and will hold almost nothing except windows.
    120GB will hold a windows and a few programs/games.
    with either the 60/120 you'd probably want a standard hard drive for additional storage.
    A 240GB is the smallest I'd want as the only drive in a system, or as the boot drive in a heavier use system (gaming or work system with many programs)
    Beyond 240/256GB I don't recommend as it's cheaper to get a 120/240 SSD and a 1TB+ data drive
  4. hi menetlaus

    thanks for the advice

    I am still learning English

  5. 250 is best now in terms of cost/performance
    120 is fine for almost any user.
    Yesterday I've set up two machines with Windows 7 64bit and half of Creative Suite + Office and utilities. After switching hibernation off it's still 25GB free on 60GB (55 actual) drive.
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