Corsair GS800 PSU and ATX12v motherboard

Hi - our old PSU had an atx12v cable that fitted into an atx12v 4pin slot on our motherboard.

We've bought a new psu (corsair gs800). It has a 24 pin atx cable but no atx12v cable.

I've been reading up on it but my knowledge is basic. I think I've understood enough to know that the newer PSUs with 24pin connectors deliver the extra 12v that the old boards needed via these atx12v 4 pin cables.

But..... is it enough to just connect the 24 pin connector and ignore the slot on the motherboard for the 4 pin connector, or will I need to go get an adaptor for one of the cables on the new PSU?

These are the cables that come with the new psu:

ATX cable (24 pin)
EPS 12v CPU cable (8 pin, 2x4)
4 x PCI-E cable (6pin + 2pin)
8 x sata cable (4 pin)
8 x peripheral cable (4 pin)
2 x floppy adaptor
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    EPS 12v CPU cable (8 pin, 2x4) < Split it to make the connection It needs to be plugged into the board.
  2. Brilliant!
    Thanks for the advice
  3. It powers the CPU , SPLIT AND [PLUG IN]

    The extra 4 pin will just not be plugged in.
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