Good GPU Intensive Games?

I got an amd radeon hd 7850, and an Intel e6700 and 3gb of ram. I need good gpu intensive games that are fun
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  1. No need to make another thread. You are getting answers in your old one.
  2. Crysis 3 will demolish your system. Go ahead have fun.
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    Crysis 3 would be more CPU bottlenecked on the OP's system than GPU... but would struggle in both places.

    Not that it matters. Crysis 3 is like that high maintenance hot girl your jealous your friend is dating, until you're forced to have a conversation with her. Crysis 3 is pretty, on a high end system, but the gameplay is actually pretty terrible.

    That CPU is going to be a little spotty on the shooters tho. Battlefield 3 would stuggle in multiplayer. Borderlands 2 would have similar slowdown... Team Fortress 2 and COD games would run perfect... Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider would also run well... but kinda a mixed bag for shooters as a category, since they're starting to require stronger CPUs.

    Ironically, the first 2 Cysis games were not CPU bottlenecked, and would run good.
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