need a mother board for my pc- any suggestions

Couple of questions:
It will be used to play final fantasy xiv arr and maybe lol. Nothing more.
First: is everything compatable that I ahve selected thus far.
Next- What would be a good mother board for all of these product?
Final: I am looking for a good liquid cooling/fan, but am new to using one of those, would anyone recommend that use?
Would anyone recommend the use of something else rather than what I have selected.
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  1. Your links don't work and what CPU and what budget?
  2. I am sorry for links not working. I am looking to build a CPU around 1000-1200. CPU either a 4770 or 3820 i7. I was reading there performance, and its showing much better than any AMD.
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    OK, do you need Hyper threading? if so would suggest the 4770K and the Asus Maximus Hero, since it sounds like more a gaming rig, then we'd drop to the 4670K (the K models and ability to OC will keep you happier longer than a locked CPU like the 4770 (no K)....otherwise, would need working links to comment on other but see a WD HD (good if 7200), Asus optical (good), Corsair PSU (if 550 or better good), for cooling, if liquid I'd go at a min the H100, though if not going for extreme OCs the Hyper 212 EVO (great on Haswell up to about 4.3, over that I'd suggest the new CoolerMaster V8 GTS
    just got mine Fri - too early to tell positive on numbers, but it's better than the 212 or the Noctua coolers
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