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I'll start from the very beginning. In early 2008 I got a new computer, which was primarily used to play Combat Arms. I was in grammar school then and I didn't know much about computers. Anyway, the computer stopped working about 3 months after I got it. One day it just wouldn't turn on, so my father took it to a computer repair shop. They said that the heat sink fell out of place. It was repaired and worked properly until about 1 year ago. (This was last summer, not now) I opened the case and I observed that the heat sink would start spinning then it would stop. The computer also did not post and there would be no display. I figured it was due to an insufficient amount of thermal paste.

My father went out and bought a cheap thermal paste. I'm almost 100% sure that it was conductive. As I was placing the thermal compound on the cpu, I dropped it and the glue went all over the motherboard. It was a complete mess. I forgot why, but I removed the processor and heat sink. As a result, I lost them both. I put the computer in the closet and didn't touch it for a year. About 3 weeks ago I finally opened the closet and took the computer out to try and fix it again. My initial plan was to get rubbing alcohol and clean as much thermal paste off as possible.

There was no rubbing alcohol in the house. Me being an impatient, impulsive idiot, I thought, "mouth wash has alcohol in it so that should do the job." <-- Very bad idea. I got cotton swabs and a cup of mouth wash. I began cleaning the motherboard with the mouth wash. It seemed to remove most of the thermal paste. After I was done, I realized I had no processor or heat sink. I gave up on repairing again, and put the computer back into the closet. Today I took out the computer. I went out to micro center and got an AMD Sempron + heat sink, a 400 watt PSU, and a monitor.

This is the motherboard:

When I opened the case I noticed this white gloss on the mobo. It's almost like some odd algae. The mouth wash definitely did that when it dried up. It's all over the motherboard. I proceeded to install the power supply, processor, and heat sink. I have rubbing alcohol in the house now, but I'm thinking I shouldn't try to remove the white stains yet. Also, the black center piece is missing from the motherboard so the heat sink cannot lock in. I uploaded a video of the computer in action. Basically, there is no display but the heat sink spins and there is power. I attempted to take a video card out of another computer and place it inside this one. Still no display. I'm thinking the mouth wash severely damaged something on the mobo.

I don't know if this is important or not, but I'll mention it anyway. I didn't mount the mother board properly, because I don't have the proper screws to do so. I lost all the screws that came with the computer. I doubt that's the reason why there is no display but you never know sometimes. There is eight active computers in my household. (Hopefully nine soon if I can fix this one) We all are on the same network. So, I'm constantly maintaining each and everyone of them since I'm the only tech person in the family. Every other day I have to repair one. Sometimes the littlest things surprise me when it comes to repairing so maybe its all not working because the mobo isn't mounted properly? Should I basically test everything on a different surface and not in the case?

Video Link:

I know this is a lot so I thank you all for reading this. Have a good day friends.
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    You can purchase a replacement motherboard [M2N68-LA (Narra6)]. They are available from numerous places.
  2. Calvin7 said:
    You can purchase a replacement motherboard [M2N68-LA (Narra6)]. They are available from numerous places.

    Thank you, but I don't want to do that until I can rule out the mobo is broken. That's a lot of money.
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