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I'm trying to get my intel i5 3570k to 44ghz at all times, but it's giving me some troubles. It's constantly switching between 16ghz and 44ghz. I already have speedstep and c1e disabled, so unless it's lying to me, it can't be those. Any ideas? Also, my motherboard is the Asus z77 extreme4, bios are updated. Oh, and my power management is set to performance.
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    there is no such thing as 44ghz, i think you meant 4.4ghz, because if it was at 44 your computer would explode. Now that I think you mean 4.4 and 1.6ghz, I think its just because of what your computer needs at the time. If you're just browsing it might go down. If you are gaming hardcore, then it might go up. Computers do this to be efficient, and only use the energy when they need it.
  2. Check your temps.
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