Need help hooking up my case fans to my power supply (newbie question)

Hello all. I recently bought the components for a $1600 gaming computer build going off of suggestions from this forum, and now I am trying to put together a computer for the first time. I tore my CoolerMaster HAF XB case apart and installed the power supply first, a PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 850W. The power supply is modular, and comes with the cables to hook up basic parts like the motherboard by default. The next step said to install my cooling system, a Cooler Master Seidon 240M Liquid Cooling system. I hooked them up so that there are fans on either side of the heating element, leaving the original case fans where they were, because the instruction manual hinted that it was a good idea.

So now I have the power cables for 4 fans and I think one of the heating element hanging out. Everything I've read says to attach them to the power supply and not the motherboard, but I can't find anything to tell me HOW. I did see in the manual that it said I might connect two fan cables into one, and plug that into the PSU, but I'm not sure where to do that. Can anyone help me out of my confusion?

Thank you in advance!
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    You can connect the fans to the power supply with the molex connectors. They are the large 4 pin connectors on one end and plug into the psu on the other. Each molex can handle 2 fans. I your fans don't have 3 pin(small) to 4 pin(large) molex adapters you will need to get some. You can connect one fan to the front of the molex from the psu and ond fan to the back of the same molex connector.
  2. Armed with assurances that that cable should exist, I found it under the couch. Thank you!
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