MSI GTX 760 TF TF/OC Black Screen After Installation

Just got my Msi GTX 760 and installed it into PCI-E slot #2 and started computer, windows loads and asks for my password, I continue and proceed to "windows is loading" screen; then after windows is finished loading the screen turns black. I can press ctrl+alt+del and that shows up, but that is all. Please help. I have a msi z87-45g motherboard and a 650 watt PSU.
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  1. Why did you install your card into the second PCI slot?
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    because your post is a bit confusing for me I will answer like this:

    just for info: your GPU should be placed in the top PCIe x16 slot (which is the long top slot). some PC's have a PCIe x1 slot above it. Is this how yours is? It confuses me on how you said you put in in the second slot.

    before you installed the new card did you have a different GPU installed besides the one on the CPU? If so did you uninstall the driver for that GPU first? If not reinstall the old card, delete the driver and reinstall the new card.

    EDIT: also is there a setting in the bios to turn off the GPU on the CPU or select the "primary GPU"? if so set it to be the PCIe slot as primary GPU.
  3. it is just numbered #2 lol thats all
  4. I fixed it I put it back in IGA mode installed drivers, switced video cable then put back into PEG then restarted and it works :)
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