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I just upgraded my rig with a new mobo and cpu, but I wanted to keep my old hdd and all the data on it. Is there a way to set it up where i can still use my old hdd? I understand the easiest way would be to just do a clean install, but i would rather avoid that.
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  1. Then avoid that. Just plug it in and start it up.
  2. best way to avoid any problems get a cheap HDD to install a frsh copy of windows on and then connect you old one as a secondary HDD. that way you get to keep all your data but you would still have to reinstall all your other programs
  3. the thing is, i tried it and it bsod at the windows logo and got stuck in a restart loop.
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    Installing a HDD on a new system that you used on your previous system shouldn't cause any problems. I've done it lots of times. Of course you will need to install new drivers. If it's a windows OS, you might have to reactivate it. I'm not sure what's causing your BSOD.
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