Phenom II x4 965 black edition maxed out?

Hello, I have a Phenom II x4 965 Processor black edition, and when I play games like Kerbal Space Program (not sure on how demanding the game is), I check the Task Manager and the processor is running 80- 100% the whole time I am playing. Also, I checked the system properties and it says running at 797 Mhz instead of the 3.4 Ghz is states on the box. Is my CPU not working properly?
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    Your processor is running properly .

    Its showing 797 [ 800 ] Mhz in system properties because its not under load at the time and has throttled back to save power
  2. sounds like quiet and cool is on, and the game isn't close to taxing your system. you can turn off quiet and cool in your bios and this will stop happening.
  3. i turned off cool and quiet in the BIOS, and its still saying 797 mhz
  4. Firstly DONT turn off cool and quiet in BIOS .

    If its off the processor runs at full speed all the time shortening its life and wasting electricity . It will come up to speed when needed .

    Set the game to run in a window . Size the window to let you also see the speed the processor is running under load .
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