Would using an am3 processor on an am2+ motherboard damage the cpu permanently?

I have an old alienware motherboard (m3a32-mvp deluxe) and I'm wondering if I use my phenom x2 550 if it will permanently damage my processor.
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  1. - Nope just need bios update 1903 or higher as specified on the boards support list, and if it didnt have the update it would damage anything except it might not run properly.

    That board takes every Am3 cpu from the x4 970 to x6 1110t
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    No way - all AM2+ mobos can accept AM3 CPUs, with some exceptions - some cannot power the 125w variants, but that one you have will be fine.

    It will either boot up or not, neither component will be damaged. Make sure you flash to the latest BIOS first tho.
  3. When you said that if the board doesn't have the update then it would damage anything except it might run properly. Did you mean it wouldn't damage anything.
  4. Oh, ok thanks for all the help, both of you!!!
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