H110 Intake vs Exhaust Temp Difference?

I'm installing an H110 in my system. I have a Corsair Air 540, with the stock fan configuration. I am installing the cooler on the top, and was wondering if I'd be better off having the air exhaust from the case, or fresh air intaking into the case. I'd rather do the intake for aesthetic reasons, but if there is a significant difference in temps, I'd change for sure.
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    Pulling outside air into the case is the exact way Corsair recommends running the coolers. The temps will actually be a better too.

    You may still want to ensure that at least your rear fan is blowing air out of the case to suck out any heat the cooler adds to the system.

    Remember that a normal cooler would put that heat into the case as well.

    If your case only had those fans for exhaust, I would recommend running them as exhaust to remove heat from the case.
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