BSOD after nVidia driver installation - can't log into windows

Hello, I recently built a new PC and installed windows 7 home edition SP1. Installation was fine and I started installing drivers. First I installed the chipset drivers, then I installed the video drivers, then I activated windows. After I rebooted, I was brought to the log in screen. I couldn't move my mouse or type my password on the keyboard, after a few seconds it booted into the BSOD (error code 0x0000001e) and then it rebooted. I tried putting in the windows disk and once I get to the set up page, I can't move my mouse. hitting the keyboard also does nothing.
Does anyone think this happened because I installed the video card driver before activating windows? I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Is there a manual way I can just reformat the system? Help would be appreciated! Here's my specs:

gigabyte z87-d3hp motherboard LGA 1150
evga geforce gtx 660 superclocked
intel i7 4770K processor
2 seagate barracuda st1000dm003 1TB HDD
1 seagate 600 st120hm000 120 GB SSD
16 GB corsair vengeance
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  1. Reset your cmos on your mobo, see if that solves anything.
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    Solved it. Just replaced the mouse and keyboard. I was able to re-install Windows. Thanks
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