AMD FX 8320 reaches 65 C when playing Assassin's Creed 3? is it normal?

Guys my CPU reaches 65 C when playing AC3 and GTA 4
is that alright? i'm using the stock cooler i got when i bought the processor, my PSU is 650 w and my gpu is an XFX AMD 7770.
Please help, I'm running all games smoothly but the CPU reaches 65 C temp,
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  1. your not alone, but i suggest you get a aftermarket heatsink
  2. Are you in a mATX case? you may need more airflow (bigger case) to go with that aftermarket heat sink, 62 is the max temp suggested by AMD, and even at pretty high load it shouldn't be hitting that, it sounds like the air in your case is heating up and not getting expelled fast enough, better heat sink, better airflow, and you'll go down at least 10c i'd guess.
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    for stock cooler a 60 above at load is expected with a 125w eight core cpu like the 8320

    its normal and not harmfull untill u game for really long hours like 5-6hrs
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