2 GTX 570 HD Double Shots require PSU upgrade?

Hey guys,

At the moment, I have a 750 watt PSU. I am looking to upgrade to a second graphics card in the next week, but I am worried I will need more wattage. My other specs are here:

Will 750 do? Or will I need to upgrade?

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  1. Well a quality 750w PSU will do you better than a junk 1200w one. It'd be nice to let us know what PSU you have, although I doubt you will need to upgrade.
  2. I generally use this chart for a guide.

    It says for 2 570's a 800w.

    What model is your current power supply? A quality 750w would most likely do the trick.
  3. Sorry, probably should've added that originally. The box says Corsair TX750M. I think the guy helping me at the store said it was one of the higher end ones they had, but I don't know if that is high enough quality.

    Also, (figured I should add to this post while you guys are looking at it, rather than clutter up the forum with another) is a GPU fairly easy to install? I have no experience installing computer hardware, though I would love to learn, and would rather not have to leave my comp at Best Buy for a few days. Any suggestions?
  4. To be honest I would use it and see how it goes. It is unlikely that you will have any issues until the cards come under load. So give them a good thrashing.

    I doubt there will be any problems though.
  5. I can't damage anything can I? Will the PSU just shut itself down if I overwork it?
  6. That corsair PSU is a quite good one, you wont have any issues with it, if you plan to heavily OC though you might want to step up to an 850 just to be safe.
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    You wont do any damage with an under powered PSU.

    The graphics cards are fairly easy to install. Stay grounded (static electricity is bad), don't force the card in too hard.

    The last thing will be running a new power cable from the PSU to the graphics card. It is a modular PSU so it should be in the box with it. That too should be a breeze.
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