EVGA Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered Error

Every time I download a driver for my Evga Gtx 650 Ti, no matter if the driver is older or newer, I still get the error that the driver stopped responding and has recovered. I only started getting this problem when I upgraded to the i5 3570k CPU. When I had the i3 3220 I had never gotten this error for my GPU. This is odd to me because I don't see how upgrading my CPU could effect my GPU. Does anyone know the problem? No one has been able to steer me in the right direction yet.
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  1. run windows update, install latest updates, restart the computer, then tell me if you still have this problem, also what is your operating system?
  2. Did you overclock your GPU? I suggest downloading MSI afterburner and combuster.
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    Asus Sabertooth Z77
    i5 2500k OC'd 4.8Ghz
    EVGA GTX680 SC+2
    8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport
    Corsair TX750M
    Windows 8 64-bit


    I too had this same error with my rig. I re-installed clean drivers and even RMA'd my GPU with EVGA. But this did not solve it...

    Using EVGA Precision X, I noticed a spike in GPU activity before the crash, when the temp of the card reached 77 degrees, . So I made a custom fan profile using Precision X, so that when temperatures reached 75 degrees, the fan speed increased dramatically to keep temps below 75.

    This has FIXED the problem and I haven't had a driver crash since. I dont know why the card spazzed out when it reached 77 degrees... seems a pretty average temp to me. But i guess the card will also last longer keeping it well below 80!
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