Weird Idle Temperature Readings (i5 3570K @ 3.8)

So I have the following...
Motherboard: Sabertooth Z77
CPU: i5 3570K
PSU: Coolermaster V850

I have a very odd reading from my CPU. I use OpenHardwareMonitor mostly because it's free, and it gives me (relatively) accurate temperatures, but one of the temperatures I get is for "CPU Package" which takes the highest of the core temps and displays it. So here's the conflict.

I monitor the CPU temperature in Bios, and the Sabertooth "Thermal Radar" feature and the CPU temperatures reads about 30-ish degrees C but when I load Open Hardware Monitor, CPU Package idles at 42 degrees C. That's ten degrees higher, and upon further inspection, I found that Core #3 idles at said 42C.

Am I just another victim of the famed "heatspreader defect" that plagues Ivy Bridge processors?
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  1. Try core temp. And it's possible, but the temperatures seem normal anyway.
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    Nothing out of the ordinary. Idle temperatures don't really mean much. It's more about the load temperatures. You can tell if the paste is uneven if the CPU Core load temperatures do not correspond with each other, plus or minus 10C.
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