Speedfan: SSD fitness 0%

I have a 2 year old crucial M4 (64GB) SSD which started acting weird (freezes, data loss). Speedfan says: fitness is 0% because of 30720 reallocated sectors.

Crucial support told me not to bother about reallocated sectors, as this is not important in case of SSDs, and to do power cycles, instead.

I did so, formatted the SSD and am now reinstalling everything...but I'm worried it will fail someday soon.

What are your experiences? Can a faulty SSD be "repaired" just by power cycling? Any opinions on the reallocated sector count?
It would be best if I could just RMA it and get a replacement...but crucial support doesn't seem to see the problem.

CrystalDiskInfo btw. says it's at 98% with 6680h run time.
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  1. antiglobal said:
    How many program/erase cycles did it have? And how many does manufacturer guarantees?

    Sorry, I don't know exactly how to find the program/erase cycles, but here's the smart data (from GSmartControl):

    I couldn't find any info about how many cycles are guaranteed, but Crucial mentions that it should be possible to write 36TB (20GB per day during 5 years) Source: http://www.crucial.com/pdf/Tech_specs-letter_Crucial_m4_ssd_v3-11-11_online.pdf

    My model is the CT064M4SSD2.
  2. Thanks you for your reply, antiglobal.
    Unfortunately, my SSD doesn't seem to provide the stats:
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