FX-6300 can i undervolt on stock speeds?

my fx 6300 core voltage is 1.35 and idle my computer is usually 35-40C on stock cooler. Can i undervolt to 1.3 without causing problems? Would I see any temperature drops?
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  1. probably not, but why? What is the temps while doing things like gaming or whatnot?
  2. are you saying i can't undervolt on stock speeds or that i won't see any temperature drops?

    i actually have no idea because the only times i can get a good temp reading is when im in the bios. Core temp reads unusually low temperatures.
  3. look the core temps are the temps u need to wrry about

    for lowering temp reduce the multiplier
  4. yes, you can try to undervolt it just fine. some run perfect undervolted. others can't. no harm in trying it.
  5. just enable cool n quiet no? it undervolts and underclocks the cpu when barely using it.
  6. If you are going to undervolt, I would recommend try 1.32V first, if that works, drop it to 1.30V, if that works drop it to 1.28V, etc. Until it won't post anymore...then go back to the last setting that worked and run prime95 for a few hours to make sure you have no errors. If you get an error in prime95 go back up another notch to the one before that one...
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