Pentium D Dual Core vs Intel Core Duo

I was wondering if anyone could tell me which of these two processors is faster.

Intel Pentium D Dual Core @ 3.0 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz

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  1. I Have Also Same Systems in My Lab..

    My Personal Opinion is Core 2 Duo is Little Bit Faster..
    And Duel Core 2nd Generation Is Best Than Core 2 Duo For Low Budget Users..
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    The Core2Duo is faster. The Pentium D was the last of the old Netburst architecture chips and was just 2 Pentium 4s on the same die. Core2 was a huge upgrade to the tune of a 3Ghz Pentium D is basically equivalent to a 1.5Ghz Core2.
  3. the core 2 duo is faster because its designed better. it even uses less power thus making it more efficient.
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