Intel Core i7-3770T (2.50GHz / 8MB) with Windows Experience Index of 2.9

Dear community

Yesterday I unboxed a brandnew Shuttle Barebone XH61V with the following components:

- Intel Core i7-3770T (2.50GHz / 8MB)
- Crucial m4 SSD 128GB, 2.5 Zoll, SATA-3
- 2x DDR3 4GB PC1333 SODIMM CL9
- Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit)

At the beginning, everything worked fine so far. But then I wanted to see the values from the Windows Experience Index and was extremly surprised, that the CPU index shows a weak 2.9. I know that this index is not so important - but is this possible for a i7 CPU? I didn't change anything in the BIOS, but did I miss something? I run a Intel analysis tool to see if everything is OK with the CPU and all tests passed without problems. I can't see that there is anything wrong.

What can I do? THANKS for your help!
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  1. Are you sure you have the i7-3770t?
  2. @aatje92
    Yes I am sure about the components listed above - and they are confirmed in the BIOS and in Windows itself...
  3. Well the chipset is pretty old and cheap so i would blame that, so i guess that's just what it is :p.
  4. @aatje92
    How you mean "the chipset is old"? Are you sure that this would cause a index of 2.9 for the CPU? I mean, that even much older chipsets with a weaker CPU would get a much higher index, no?

    What could be a strategy to find out, is something is not working properly here? A index of 2.9 for a i7 is in my opinion definitely not possible.

    And more ideas?
  5. Well seeing as it's basically a weak laptop, it's definitly possible.
  6. Well, it's not a laptop: it's a brandnew Shuttle Barebone XH61V and I installed everything yesterday evening. I know that this PC will never be a gaming PC, but how is it possible, that the Windows Index is showing 2.9 for the CPU only? I mean, when everything would work properly, shouldn't I get at least a better index for the CPU?

    Thanks :-)
  7. Chipset shouldn't do it. Have you tried rerunning the test?

    He's referring to the fact that the components used in those are basically laptop bits. Low TDP etc.
  8. @Someone Somewhere
    Yes I did the test (Windows Experience Index) several times - and it took quite a long time until it is finished. Everytime I get the same resulte (+/- 0.1 or so).

    Any ideas? THANKS
  9. Best answer
    OK. Can you run something like IntelBurnTest? It should give a number in GFlop/s. I'll do a test on my i7-2670QM, which is a little slower, but if yours doesn't come out ahead we know there's a problem.
  10. I get about 48.5GFLOP/s on a 2.2-3.3GHz quad core w/HT mobile i7. Yours is 2.5-3.7 and Ivy, so should be in the ~60 range at a guess.

    EDIT: WEI @ 7.4 for CPU.
  11. @Someone Somewhere
    Thanks for your help - I will test it as soon as possible... and post the results here!
  12. @Someone Somewhere
    Sorry for not writing back but I was not at home in the last 12 hours...

    It was all about the CPU temperature!

    After talking to some more persons about my problem I got the hint to check the CPU temperature with this tool:

    There I saw that I had very high temperatures of 80-90 Degrees, which was obviously too much. The reaction of the CPU is to "clock down"... that's why I got a WEI of 2.9 for my i7.

    So I took the CPU out and put new thermal paste on it... BINGO :)

    Now my temperatures (of all 4 cores) are about 40 Degrees in idle and about 52 Degrees when in use... Fantastic! And the WEI? 7.6! Awesome!

    Thank you all for help... I would say: PROBLEM SOLVED
  13. Perfect. That would do it.
  14. Sloppy manufacturer
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