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Hello :)

This is my first build so I have a couple questions. The computer will be used primarily for gaming.

These are the parts that I have selected at the moment:

As far as I know the parts are compatible with each other, but I'd like confirmation. Also I'm not too sure if the PSU and cooling is sufficient, so any advice on that is welcome. And of course if you have any advice on any other part I'm very interested in what you have to say!

Thanks all in advance

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  1. The cooling is sufficient but the psu is not...I reccomend al least a 600w psu (probably 750w) because I doubt a 400w psu will be able to power an i7 and a gtx 660. Personally I prefer the amd fx8350 over the i7 as its cheaper and works just as well.
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    If I were you and i wanted a solo machine for gaming then what i would do is in this budget:

    1) Loose i7 and replace with i5-3570k or i5-4670k , as for gaming The i7 will give you zero extra performance for games over the i5.(

    2) Invest the saved $100 to GPU or motherboard .

    As after overclocking (you will need more psu from your current selection)you would get very good performance on games and i5 can hold them very neatly and investing the rest in gpu would boost your gaming experience.
  3. This is not a well balanced gaming build. Check this out:
    It will perform a lot better in games that's for sure. I hope you like it.
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