750W psu enough?

Hey guys,

I'm currently in the process of putting a brand new system together from the ground up.

I'm currently planning on:

sabertooth x79 mobo

i7 3930k

2 gtx 680s in sli

16 gb of kingston hyper x quad
channel 1600 ram

Corsair HX 750 Watt PSU

The ssd i already have and is a kingtson hyper x 120gb. My question is, will the psu be enough? The two gpus require ~200watts each, and the cpu too requires ~130 watts, So will 750 be enouhg or would that be toeing the line and i should just spend the extra $36 on a 850 psu?
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    Yes, this corsair is enough to power 680 sli and whole system.
    680 sli needs 53 amps, and corsair gives about 60 amps.
  2. You could get away with it just fine stock, but if you want to OC at all, the headroom that you have will disappear very quickly. The 3930k can go from its 130w TDP to 300w pretty quickly, and even 400-500w if you push it. At that point you'd be struggling just to run your SLI 780s, say nothing of overclocking them to where they'll really gallop.

    So that's all up to you. The HX 750 is a great choice for a stock setup or mild overclocking.
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