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I have simple question - will it do me any good to disable core parking on a desktop with an i5 2500 non k? I can never see them parked in the resource monitor but I came across a few forums recently were people say it's all the rage...?
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  1. If Concern is Gaming then:
    Most games... <ahem>... the vast majority of games only use 2 cores, there are some games that can use 3 cores, fewer still that can actually use 4 cores effectively and maybe 2 or 3 games that can actually use more than 4 cores.
    1) if all cores are used, they don't get parked. They are only parked if the CPU is not busy and
    2) It helps you to save energy. Unused Cores are parked and not used which results in a lower energy consumption.
  2. Hi kushvyas,

    yes it is to do with gaming, although not solely. My concern is if I'm not seeing them in the resource monitor as parked(virutally I've never seen them parked) do i still need to do this? I have all the energy savers disabled even on mobo and am using a desktop that's always plugged in ...?
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    Then i Suggest not to tweak them as you already say , you don't see them idle.
  4. Ok thanks kushvyas
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