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Hello. I want to buy between this two graphic card, Radeon 7970 and GTX 770. Which one is the bes for me? And are this two fit into my casing. Here my specs.

Acer Predator 7711
6gb ram
Radeon 5850
750 w liquid cooling
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    Yes, they will fit.
    Those 2 GPU are almost the same. AMD performs better in some games, NVIDIA performs better in some games too. So it depends what are you going to play.
    GTX 770 do less noise, but heats more. At power consumption they are the same.
    Here are some benchmarks -
  2. So which one is the best? I always running game such as crisis 3, battlefield, far cry 3, cod
  3. Both are great. If the price from where you buy is the same go with the 770. It is better on games you just wrote and more stable
  4. They are about the same. 770 might be a bit better though. If the 7970 is much cheaper than the 770, then pick the 7970. Otherwise, go with the 770.

    Although, you will need 42 amps on the 12v rail. Check your PSU's specs first.
  5. Are my pc compatible with that 770?
  6. xeroxfake said:
    Are my pc compatible with that 770?

    You need a single 8-pin and 6-pin PCI-E power connector. You also need atleast 42 amps on the 12v rail. You need to check if you have these yourself.
  7. my psu is fsp750-80apg, can you check it for me?
  8. It will be ok.
  9. xeroxfake said:
    my psu is fsp750-80apg, can you check it for me?

    That PSU should have enough amps. But I didn't find any info on the cables. You're gonna have to check it out yourself. You need to find a cable like this

    If you do find one, then you should be good to go. BUT I would highly recommend getting a new PSU. Let me know if you need any recommendations.
  10. lithuan1an said:
    It will be ok.

    You sure about that? It needs to have a 8-pin PCI-E power cable. The Radeon 5850 doesn't need one, so there might not be a 8-pin cable in there.
  11. yes. it have 8 pin connector..thank you for your time :)
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