is there anyway to test hardware of cpu being healthy or failure

i want to knwo if my pc's all components ram, graphics card, mother board, processor etc are working in good condition

Is there any software that can run diagnosie and tell me if some partially damaged component is exisitng even though its working , ty
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  1. A bad computer motherboard or CPU can cause an assortment of different issues on your computer. Below are just a few of the possible issues you may encounter. It is important to remember that the issues below can also be caused by more than just a bad motherboard and CPU.

    Computer does not boot, instead you get a beep code. See the POST and beep code page for additional information about beep codes.
    Random computer crashes causing General Protection Fault error messages, Illegal Operations, Fatal Exceptions, etc.
    Computer randomly reboots.

    There are several different ways to test your computer's motherboard and CPU to determine if it's bad or has flaws that are causing issues with your computer. Below is a listing of these recommendations.

    Software and Hardware solutions

    Below is a listing of a software programs available that are designed to test your computer's motherboard and CPU. However, with the complexity and wide variety of computer motherboards and CPUs, these programs may not detect every possible failure.

    Hot CPU Tester - Our software recommendation for testing a computers motherboard and CPU. This is a great tool. Easy to run and use for looking for failures with your computer. In addition to testing a computer, this program also includes a burn-in feature for new computers or computers with a new motherboard or CPU.

    In addition to the above solutions, there are other fantastic 100% commercial products. Below is a listing of some of these products.

    PC-doctor - A fantastic but not cheap solution often used for service centers and technicians to diagnose computer hardware issues including motherboard issues.
    PC Diagnostics - Another company that offers both hardware and software solutions for testing the majority of the hardware in your computer including the motherboard.
    Ultra-X - Another great collection of products that can help test computer hardware including the motherboard.

    Replace the motherboard and CPU

    If the motherboard or CPU is bad after trying the above suggestions, we suggest replacing it.
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    Her are the list of fee softwares which might help you with your issues:
  3. Also would like to know if the hardware fails and then burning smell appears ?
  4. "Also would like to know if the hardware fails and then burning smell appears ?"

    Didn't get you there what you meant ?
  5. memtest will help diagnose bad ram.

    there are quick and dirty tests that take less time but aren't as thorough. superpi 32m test will stress the ram and because it does a hash check its constantly making sure the results are correct. because of this check it will tell you if the ram is faulty as it will pass a bad checksum if theres an error created. or it will lock up the pc if the timings/volts are bad.
    1 thing i did notice when i found errors with this test. in the event logs i would often see error 124 which meant that the ram wasnt getting enough volts. i applied them and the ram finished the 32m test fine... i ran mem test after and it passed that also... so while it may not be 100% it must be close to accurate.

    to test a dead cpu. turn the pc off at the wall but leave the monitor connected.
    hit the power on the monitor you should see no signal. time this till the screen goes into standby mode... this is your baseline.
    now turn the monitor of and on again. but as soon as you see no signal hit the power at the wall for the pc then hit power on. as soon as the monitor detects power in the system it should either boot as normal or jump straight into standby mode(quicker than it does with your baseline). which means dead cpu. it it just continues as normal but crashes then the cpu is likely fine and something else is causing the issue.

    hdds are and gfx cards are better tested in a system that you know works but if all you can do is get to a boot prompt then chkdsk will often solve a lot of problems.

    if you suspect a dead motherboard you can test all your peripherals in another build. its not wise to test the other builds components in a suspect board as this can end up damaging more hardware.
  6. kushvyas said:
    "Also would like to know if the hardware fails and then burning smell appears ?"

    Didn't get you there what you meant ?

    well i use my computer roughly , not sure but i felt like burning smell came out . my room was empty other than pc , thught i used high settings and felt the burning smell came but not smoke , not sure if its my pc either but its working fine still , tht's why i asked if my hardware is failed or not , i have doubt on my pc yet if i play that game again (which i dont want to mention coz it already warned me before starting game tht my hardware is low and may lead to failure ) . but i still continued to play so far worked fine but felt like burning smell came , not sure if it was from pc or if it really was from pc then it should be damaged by that game ,, i felt so.. . are there any possiblity like that
  7. For Caution use one of the tools above to diagnose and see what is status act accordingly.
  8. thnx i will let you all know in 30mins from now

    ok the results are will give you highlighted in red using speed fan software

    gpu 67c , core 65c , remote 65c
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