Best CPU cooler to show off Ballistix Tactical Tracer

Right, so I have bought some Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR3 RAM, and have an MSI z87 G45 MOBO with an i5 4670k.

I am finding it really hard to find a CPU cooler that is:

1. not going to obscure the RAM when viewed through the case window

2. attractive when viewed through the case window

3. on the quiet side, but efficient enough to keep the CPU cool during gaming and minor OCing.

4. no more than ~£35

I would really appreciate some help on this, it's my first build and I want it to be perfect!

-Forgot to add, my case is the Zalman Z12 plus.
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  2. Jonathan Sifleet said:

    *bump* any more suggestions?
    I could up the budget to maybe £45 for something really good, possibly considering a refurb corsair H80 or H100 (£35, £40), which seems like a good deal. anyone got any experience with this?
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