Connecting to 2 LANS simultaneously: one with internet one without help

Hey everyone. So I have a Dell XPS tower for my office. It has one gigabyte ethernet port on the back. My retail store has 3-5 POS register PCs networked to each other with 5-port switches. These PCs are not connected to the internet, they are just connected to each other. One of the PCs is the server and they all share data between each other for the point of sale program. I would like to have my office PC connected to their network so I can also run the POS software from the office to change prices etc.

The problem I'm having is I have internet currently running to my office PC. If I merge the internet router into the current POS PC lan, they will all have internet. I only want internet for the office PC.

So I was thinking of buying a dual ethernet card for my office PC. Have one ethernet used for incoming internet from the modem, and the other ethernet used to join in to the current POS PCs lan. I attached a link below of what I'm thinking to buy. This card is suppose to give 2 separate MAC and IP addresses.


Will this setup work to allow my office PC to simultaneously be connected to the internet, as well as the point of sale PCs LAN, while restricting internet to the point of sale PCs?
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  1. That method will work just be sure to set a static ip on POS network on your PC and do not set a default gateway on that interface. Obviously you will need to be using different ip subnets on your 2 different networks
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    for work we have a few computers that we don't want to have internet but still be able to access the work network. For these we manually set the ip address and subnet mask but leave the default gateway blank. This will allow them to see everything on the network but not allow them to the internet.
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