New Gaming Monitors?

Looking to purchase a new monitor. Prefer 23-24 inch. IPS of course. Wondering what all your recommendations are?
I mostly play FPS/RTS/MMO.

So far I am looking at:

Dell U2413
BenQ XL2420TE

but im open to all suggestions.

I have a 25% discount with Dell. Not sure about their monitors when it comes to gaming though.
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  1. lets say price isnt an issue (to a point lol) Lets keep it less than $400. I am at such a toss. I've read like 25+ articles now.
    IPS is great for viewing angle and colors yadda yadda
    TN is better for response time.

    But the new Dell U2413 has a 6ms response time.

    Also I should note, the ability to move the monitor up down back forth and tilt is important to me.
  2. Asus 1440p monitor with 5ms reponse time for only $600 its worth it!
  3. One of the good things about TN is 120Hz, IPS has much greater color and viewing angle. Why not get both?
  4. ChrisCarbomb said:
    Asus 1440p monitor with 5ms reponse time for only $600 its worth it!

  5. maybe on newegg, tigerdirect has at store for $600 in raleigh, nc at least
  6. Yeah, with that one you are going for higher refresh rates(higher possbile FPS), and a lower response time, even though GTG times from different companies vary much like contrast ratios.
  7. patrick47018 said:

    I have had a few people link that one. My only issue with it is the stand. I mean is it only fwd/bkwd tilt?

    Edit: And this one - 27" too large for gaming :(
  8. Yeah pretty sure the ASUS is only tilt
  9. the Asus 1440p monitor i have slides up and down and tilts
  10. Dell 21.5" 1080P IPS monitor 199.99, but comes with 100 dollar gift card. So it's like its 99.99,23942.html
  11. So many options/opinions!

    So far I've narrowed it down:

    Option 1


    Option 2

    Edit: Comparison on Newegg. Keep in mind I can get the Dell one for $290 new.
  12. For the price then get 144Hz monitor
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