Can I get by with onboard graphics

+ 1 optical drive +4 sata hd +2 pci tv tuners

This is replacing my always on computer that is connected to my 50" tv as a htpc.

It usually is running a VM running in the background so I can remote into the machine without disturbing whoever is watching.

My main question is, do you think I can just get by with the onboard graphics? If not, what card would you recommend?

Windows 7 Media Center was my previous media solution, but I did buy Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. I just never tested that out.
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    I see no reason why not. Doesn't sound like you do anything that really uses the gpu. Also, if you find out you need more gpu power you can always add one later on. Might as well just use the intel hd 5000 at first since you already have it.
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