GTX 680 shows in Win7 running directx10??

re-downloaded new drivers to make sure it was right. and when buying this, it said it uses directx11. but in the windows score screen, show it as directx10??
overall score 7.8 for the win.

Asus V Max/thunderfx
I7-2600k in turbo
Gtx 680 slight oc
32gigs Corsair Veg 1333mhz
Win 7 pro 64bit
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  1. dont worry about it, windows score screen is nothing to really go by, just try a game in directx 11.
  2. im a newb, how could i tell if it is running at that during a game? i play bf3 and crysis3 on utlra with no problems. thanks
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    crysis 3 is direct x 11 only so its nothing to worry about, just a flaw in the windows thing, it really is not a reliable statistic to go by.
  4. i thank you much sir!
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