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Basically, I have an issue. While the temperature in my room currently resides around the 23C mark, the CPU temperature readings from HWMonitor and CoreTemp are strangely low. I'm getting about 18C at idle, and less that 30 under 100% load. In the BIOS, idle temps are at around 30-35C on my CM Hyper 212+, which seems more likely, but I cannot keep returning to the BIOS just to check if Overclocking settings are giving me good temps.

Attached is a photo of the temps that HWMonitor gives me. I would presume that the correct temperature is TMPIN1, which gives me about 40C under very low load.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best Regards
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    Presuming that temps while in the BIOS are accurate (7°C above ambient makes sense), add approximately 12°C to the temperature readings that you get through software.
  2. Try another temp monitoring program, they don't all report correctly on every CPU/MOBO combo, or the above suggestion is probably fairly safe.
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