What does this mean?

my S1 displays the letters FEE and I don't know why and I can't use it
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    Assuming you're talking about a digital camera:

    Fuji FinePix S1:
    Q: "I am getting a FEE error on a Fuji FinePix S1 Pro Digital, the 300mm lens seems to be connected correctly.?"
    A: That information is in the user manual. You need to lock the aperture ring at its smallest aperture (usually f/16 or f/22)

    A: Set aperture ring to largest f/number.
    If you want to manually select the aperture size using the ring, set camera to M (manual) mode. When you leave manual mode, return aperture to smallest size (largest f/number) again. Some lenses have a lock beside that largest number. Use it then even with the camera in manual mode, you can use the buttons or wheel on the camera to change aperture size.
  2. You may do a screenshot and then post it here. From the info you give, it's hard to help.
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