I need help building a cheap/good gaming PC

As the title says, I'm in dire need of help. I want to build myself a good gaming pc that will only be used for that and watching a movie once in a while. However, I'm clueless when it comes to which components I should chose for this build. The only thing I know for sure is that the price can't go over 1600US dollars, atleast not by much. This may sound like a pretty decent budget, however I live in Norway. And if you didn't know before It is pricey as f#$@ for almost anything in this country.

PS: The total price has to include OS. Win8 OEM is preferred. I wan't to buy the parts from this site

So, I hope some of you computer competent people can help me out a bit :)
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  1. You can check out my website, The Oreon Xt is right around your budget and comes with everything. 6core processor, great cpu/psu combo, motherboard, 16gb ram, and optional eyefinity. Upgrade options are in the shopping cart
  2. No free shipping to norway.. Lol
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    If you are going to build it yourself I will recommend looking at the configurations at Komplett and then shopping around in the Norwegian netshops for the right parts. Have your focus on the processor, amount of RAM and graphics. You will always be able to upgrade at a later point if your demands grow or the new games demand too much. Besides looking at Komplett. Try and I have used them several times and if you keep an eye at their sites you will be able to find som nice offers from time to time. I have been pretty happy about Proshop's customer support when asking for help about my choises.
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