Thoughts on the Nivdia 635m... Any idea of capabilities?

I was gonna buy a lenovo Z850 that has a intel I5 running at 2.4ghz and 3.2 at turbo boost it also has a dedicted Nivdia Geforce 635m. Any ideas on gaming capabilities on this laptop I've seen videos of it running BF3 MP on low settings... Do you think it's a good laptop for some mid gaming? Please give some thoughts on it. Thanks Calum.

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  1. i think that GPU will open up IE, firefox and Chrome really well!

    Using MS Office might start to tax it though...

    lol, it's a low end GPU. like WAY low. Like almost the lowest in the series. like specifically made to be able to play HD video, and that's about it's limit. BF3 won't run at playable frames on medium settings, i promise you. My laptop's 2GB 650m will play it on mediums.
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    Click on the game in question and scroll down to see how it performs at any given setting. BF3 on low at 1024x768 is playable. If you go to medium you might have to kill AA completely.
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