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I'm looking at getting a graphic card to play games such as far cry 3 and the new games coming out on high setting with good frame rate I'm looking at hd 7770/Hd 7870/Hd 7950/Hd 7970 I haven't got much money so I'm hoping a hd 7770 will be good enough but would like to have better graphics and game play then the new consoles coming out. Couple people please give me there opinion on the on they think thanks any help would be great
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    u should get a GTX 760, that will beat the consoles in GPU power, or on the AMD side a 7950 has more or less the same performance
  2. Thanks for your reply Would those graphic cards fit in a midi pc case
  3. yes, they should, what case is it? and more importantly, what PSU?
  4. Thanks for helping its a evo labs x-black 006 micro atx with 500w psu its nothing special trying to do it up bit by bit
  5. wouldn't suggest using the PSU tha came with the case, u will need to replace it
  6. Please do not open multiple threads with the same topic, this is the 3rd one about this same thing. I think your other thread got closed because of this.
  7. I'm sorry new to the site thanks for letting me no
  8. I wanted to close the others but did not know how is it the pick as solution button to end and close it
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