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file streaming: recoding with xvfb using mediatomb

August 20, 2013 10:08:01 AM

This problem is only temporarly, so it's mostly a discussion and not a 'real' problem:

I have a TV at home conneected to an embedded linux media center player, which decodes movies stored on blu-ray, NAS, youtube, etc ... and prints them on a screen, and converts the sound to a 6-channel output signal for my speakers.

this thing is broken (I'll have it repaired in a month, hardware failure, needs some new components)

the TV itself is capable of playing streaming content from the NAS through streaming services such as mediatomb, BUT:
- the video codec needs to be mpeg2
- the audio codec needs to be 2-channel mp3

as a result, all the x264 / xvid movies on my NAS need to be recoded before my TV will be capable of playing them.

I am currently doing this with ffmpeg, and for normal movies it works fine, but it's a little hard for a quad core k8-sse3 system to convert full HD x264 live to mpeg2 (it still has a 64-bit SSE2 execution unit, unlike the K10 :(  ).
But the system also has a passive-cooled radeon hd 6500 card in it, which I use for openCL calculations. This card has hardware-based x264 / xvid acceleration, and can take over the decoding part.
the only problem is: how should I do this? the ffmpeg tool itself has no support for using xvba, only the libraries. can I pass the stream to a xvba decoder and recode the raw stream to mpeg2 before inserting it in a container again?

any suggestions?