good cheap case/cooling system/monitor for build

my build:
amd fx 8350
asrock 990fx extreme3
8gb 1600mhz ram
gtx 650 ti gpu
wd blue 500gb hdd
corsair psu

can i get a case, cooling system, and lcd screen (something that goes well with my preferred gpu) for this build for under or a little over $100 each? thanks!
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  1. have u purchased it all???

    whats ur budget???location???
  2. have u purchased it all???

    whats ur budget???location???
  3. have u purchased it all???

    whats ur budget???location???
  4. Get a Hyper 212 EVO or Xigmatek GAIA cooler for the cpu ~$30. Get a CoolerMaster Haf 912 case (~$60). For a monitor, look at BenQ, Asus, HannsG. You can get a nice 21-22" for ~$130.

  5. hi mark thanks for the quick response but i forgot to ask are stock coolers not going to be enough with this build?
  6. AMD cpus tend to run hot, and if you are planning on gaming, which I'm guessing you are, an aftermarket cooler is a must. Also - if you can spend a few more bucks, get the gtx 650ti BOOST or a 660.

  7. nah what i mainly plan to do with this is to edit video so im sticking with the 650 ti so i can spend more money on ram and about the case... i don't really know what to look for in these, should i just get one that looks good and costs less or is there something more to it? i mean, are there particular cases that won't fit my preferred gpu card? thanks
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    The 650 ti is a basic short card and will fit in almost any case. Since you are going to be doing video/rendering, I suggest you START with 16g of ram in a 2x8 configuration. You may want to up it to 32 later, and by using 8g sticks, you won't have any non-usable sticks. Just be sure to get ram that DOES NOT have heat spreaders - (1) they will interfere with an aftermarket air cooler, and (2) they do NOT provide any benefit except bling.

    Your choice of cpu is great for what you want to do - all the cores will most definately by used. That's another reason to get an aftermarket cooler - the more you tax the cpu, the hotter it runs. The Hyper 212 has been around for a long time and is very well regarded. As far as the case goes, you are going to want a case that allows good airflow to help with heat dissapation. The HAF 912 is a full tower size and comes with 2 120mm fans, to which you might want to add one more 120. Set up two fans as intake in the front of the case and one at the rear as exhaust.

  9. thank you for the advice mark!
  10. :welcome: Good luck with the build.
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