Will this setup run the high end games out now?

I don't know much about computers other than how to play mmorpgs so I was curious if this setup would handle the newer games out easily, and if its a decent price. I could take the time to research but he has just reduced his price and it seems fair so I'd like some quick answers so I can grab it before anyone else if its good.

Specs are liquid cooled corsair dual rads and fans, 16gb ram corsair vengeance 1600MHz, lifetime warranty cooler master silent pro gold 1200 watt power supply, black caviar western digital 1TB hard drive, thermaltake LEVEL 10 GT full size case, gaming headphones, keyboard, mouse, twin acer 21 inch monitors, altec Lansing 5.1 surround system, 2GB Radeon HD 6970 video card, Asus rampage mother board, intel I7.

He's asking $800

i appreciate the answers, thanks guy!
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  1. It's an i7, not a seventeen; that said, you should be fine, but do you know the specific CPU model (i.e. i7-3970)?
  2. Ill find out as soon as he replies and let you know!
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    If your 'by now' to 'play later' I would check on the Video card specifically as the main focus of 'can it run' what it is you want to play next. For example, while it can play BF3 nicely, BF4 may MINIMALLY require a 7xxx video card to get the 'same sort of expectations' you get on BF3. Check out the articles and such on what your 'spying' and see if that will suffice, otherwise snappy system IMHO.
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