Looking for the 'right' Six Monitor Setup

Okay, already work from home and have three monitors already engaged with other work related issues but I'd like to be able to game a bit as well! Three monitors sitting on my desk is my limit right now, so I need a rig to get more monitors properly presented to me. I think it's time to move on up to a 6 monitor setup.

I've hunted around and found many 'good' setups but none of brackets/arms/connectors are 'right' for me. So I come here as I figure more than a few of you have experience with multi-monitor setups and can help.

Here is my situation:

- I want a 3 monitor across by 2 monitor high setup. Small bezel 22-24" monitors seem to be the right price point. So whatever rig is recommended needs to fit up to say 60cm or so width monitors.
- I have glass desks... so NO desk mounted units. It must be wall (or ceiling) mounted. I know, this limits me and is one of the main reasons in coming here.
- I have a deep desk (36") so directly mounting the panels on the wall would be bit further away from my normal sitting position than I'd like. I'd like to have it able to extend the center panels out at least 18", more is even better.
- I want the panels to be individually adjustable at least a bit to be able to get the bezels almost touching for a better overall look AND it must be able to edge in the outer monitors (for a more surround screen experience). That angle does not need to be serious.
- The wall behind my main desk has one perfectly centered beam I can attach things to, although there are no good secondary ones, so 6 individual telescoping arms is probably not a good option.

I believe I have the hardware in the desktop to handle this without any serious issue, although my current monitors are not VESA compliant (bleh), so I'll need new monitors.

I'm looking for recommendations MOSTLY on a rig to affix all six to the wall (if it takes 2X 3 monitor rigs that's fine or whatever someone thinks is best. I know some good monitors for the task but if you have recommendations on those it would be appreciated as well.

Money isn't the primary concern although I don't want to waste money. I will have someone with more experience (handyman) level install it so it can be a bit out of he box. You'd think with all the six monitor setups out there that you could find a telescoping, wall mounted, adjustable, 6-monitor setup that can handle 23" monitors. However this has proved difficult (at least in a few hours last night).

So I thought I'd ask any experts we have in the audience here. If this is the wrong forum I apologize but I didn't see any technical advice forum, so I dropped it here.

Thank you for ANY advice in advance.
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  1. All the 6 monitor mounts I know of are either desk mounts or stands, no wall/ceiling mounts, not sure why. A pair of 3 monitor wall mounts sounds like the best plan.
  2. Yes, I'm guessing I'll need 2 3-monitor wall mounts and can bolt them to that beam in the center behind the desk. I just can't find even a 3-monitor mount that matches the requirements above (will handle the 23" monitors and is adjustable and telescoping away from the wall (even a little bit).
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