USB 3.0 Options on a Dell Optiplex 760?

Hello, I am wondering about upgrading to USB 3.0. I just bought a 1TB external HDD (Toshiba) and I am in the middle of xfering ALL my stuff to the drive..

Needless to say, it is INCREDIBLY slow. I hear that there are PCI cards that have 3.0 slots. Thats the way I prefer to go instead of trying to replace my MB..

The specs of my PC are on this thread that I posted before: http:// .

Any and all help including options from newegg/pricing information would be wonderful.

I dont know if my pc requires a certain type of card or if I even have the space.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I was thinking of getting this:

    But I dont know if it will fit an or if I even have that slot or if its open..
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    Looking at the service manual for your computer (available on Dell's website), it shows that your computer should have a PCI Express x1 slot. However, the only way to tell if it is usable is to open the tower and look. The slot can be found in the bottom right corner of the tower. It is the small black slot visible in the pictures shown in your previous thread.

    If that slot is open, the card you linked should work. However, be aware that USB 3.0 may or may not speed up your external drive. External hard drives usually have a slow hard drive built into it, and that is the limiting factor for your speed.

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