bios to default with screen upside down on purpose

I turned my monitor upside down because it is easier to plug in cables from the top instead of the bottom, all Windows XP and 7 work fine with screen rotated. However the initial boot and bios tweaking is upside down. Is there a way to default upside down instead of right side up?
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  1. No, while you can use a monitor inverted in the actual OS, the bios does not have the ability to flip the displayed information.
  2. Thank you RealBeast. I guess it would be possible at the bios programming stage, since the Bios knows which corner of the screen to address every time regardless of the actual physical position of the monitor.
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    Sure, it could be a bios option or it could be available as a monitor option but there just is not the demand for it so it is not available.
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