Is my 500W PSU enough to power my new GFX Card?

Hi guys, just wondering if my PSU is sufficient to power my rig with my new gfx card.

Current rig:
FX-4100 ( Uprading soon )
Radeon 7870 Sapphire 2GB DDR5
M5A97 PRO EVO Mobo
Coolermaster Elite 500W

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    In theory, yes.
    But there are reviews that show coolermaster elite as not delivering advertised power.

    It will do no harm to try it, but be prepared to change it out if you detect issues.
  2. Cooler Master have bad reputation for PSUs, hence their nickname "Crapper Master". As geofelt mentioned they rarely deliver all the power they advertise reliably. For instance, it might say 500W, but trying to push it over 300W might start to show some instability.
    you are better off getting this one for 38$ with promo code EMCXMVX67 and 20$ rebate
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