Using a Xbox 360 Gaming Pad on PC for Medal of Honor, just spinning! Getting annoyed with lack of controller compatible games!

Has anyone actually got a fix for this problem? Not being funny but i hate the fact that the answer to all questions about pc gaming with a controller is use a mouse and keyboard. that IS NOT helpful! I hate mouse and keyboard its outdated and uncomfortable and could not care less if it is better or not! I just want to use a controller. I LIKE IT! So does anyone have some HELPFUL info regarding the fixing of the actual problem?
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  1. adjust the deadzone options.
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    Do you have the drivers installed? The 360 controller shouldn't have this problem...

    Just an FYI: Most games support the 360 controller using the XInput API, which is the input API the 360 uses. As a result, when a DirectInput gamepad (EG: Most all of them) is plugged in, many of the mappings are wrong, the most famous being the right stick, which tends to spin in circles even in the neutral position. A program like x360CE can be used to map your controller inputs to match what the 360 controller uses, though this obviously shouldn't be needed when using a 360 controller...
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