windows wont boot on my ssd

so im having a problem with my ssd whenever i just let windows load up it'll show the logo and flash but after that the screen just go's black and says signal lost on my monitor. My monitor and my graphics card work fine. If i boot up windows with my western digital caviar black or my dvd drive it boots up just fine but i always have to go into the bios to do that. i want to be able to boot with my ssd and not have to go into the bios everytime. is it because i installed windows on my ssd or what idk. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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  1. Did you install windows to the SSD while the HD was still connected ? If so, disconnect HD data cable and try again
  2. i did that and it still is doing the same thing its in ahci mode if you were wondering.
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    to me it sounds like its using a different video output.
    Do you have another video video output on that pc that you could connect your monitor to to see if thats it? ex: most intel boards have the integrated video in addition to the graphics card.
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