New GPU which doesnt require extra power connectors

i currently have an asus gt440 overclocked graphics card along my fx6300. my power supply is a 500w cit (i think?) and i dont think it has any cables (6 pin connectors) to help power a new graphics card. can anyone reccommend a decent graphics card which can power itself just from the pci-e slot?
mobo: gigabyte 78lmt-s2p.
alternatively, could anyone suggest how to find some 6 pin connectors for my system? i do have a few spare 4 pin molex floating around, could i find an adapter and use those?
my budget is around £100GBP (maybe 650ti or something? theyre £105 at maplins at the moment but i dont know if it needs a 6 pin plug to power it)

thanks in advance, im new to gpus
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  1. Usually the do come with Molex to pci adapters, so make sure to check the description for package contents.
  2. Also, the only and most powerful card that I'm sure that doesn't require a PCI power cable is the AMD 7750.
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