Would my noctua nh-d14 se2011 fit my ASRock Z77 Pro3 555XFast Motherboard

If I am correct, I will have to buy a mounting kit for it. Which kit do I buy? And would the Noctua block my ram,pci, and etc slot?
My cpu is going to be the Intel i5 3570k.
My graphic card is Eva 660 TI SC
1 x 4 GB of Patroit Signature Line DDR3 1333MHz Ram
Thanks for the help, I am new to computer building. My case is big enough, I have the Noctua but just waiting for my MoBo and Processor.
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    To answer your title question , no. Get the nh-d14 instead. It comes with everything you need to mount it to your motherbd. The se2011 is a special edition for socket 2011 motherboards. You have a socket 1155.
    You will need to make sure your case can fit this cooler as it is extra tall.

    Moving to your other questions, no it will not block your ram. Your ram has no coolers on it for it to interfere with.
    I suggest you choose different memory if you can. First you dont want just 1 stick of ram and second, the processor supports 1600 speed. I recommend:

    Installation order I would use is to:

    install the heatsink backplane onto the motherbd.
    Install the cpu. ( be very careful here.)
    Install the ram. (be sure to follow manual on where to install ram to)
    Install the heatsink.
    Install the heatsink fans so they both blow towards the rear fan or up so that heat blows out the top fan if your case has those. You always want the heat to get out of the case as fast as it can IMO.
    Now install the whole motherbd into your case which is laying flat on a workbench.
    Install power supply
    Install case wiring
    Install everything else.

    edit - I just saw that you already have the cooler. You will need this moutning kit.
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