Connection problems with my USB internet adapter

Ok so I connect to my internet router using this USB adapter thing because I wasn't able to get an Ethernet cable working before but today my internet doesn't work, or barely. I've had this problem before and all I did was put the USB adapter thing in another slot on the back of my PC and it works fine, but I've tried inserting it everywhere today and it only lets me use the internet for about 30 seconds before disconnecting again. Then when I put the USB adapter in another slot it does the same thing by letting me connect for 30 seconds before disconnecting again, which isn't enough because I'd rather stay connected permanently. I've tried rebooting my actual internet router as well.

Can someone please help? I've tried asking this question before on another site but nobody knew what I meant by the USB drive adapter that lets me connect to my internet router. It is kind of weird and hard to explain. All I know is that the exact item is called a "D-Link DWA-131 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter". Maybe the problem is that it only lets you use a certain amount of data before running dry, but I don't know.

Please help, thanks :)
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    Do you have the correct driver installed?

    Follow this to download the firmware. Just double check that it is the right product.

    An Ethernet cable would be better if you have one of those available.
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